Grateful for a little exercises today

I’m shit at looking after myself, especially when it comes to exercise.

With food I’m up and down, I go through phases of being good for a number of weeks, then giving in to the ease of take out and comfort of chips and ice cream for a few weeks.

Exercise is so important, especially as I get older. My doctor is encouraging me, and I don’t dislike exercise, I just struggle to justify the time over work. School started today which means I get some work days back again, which frees up my evenings again, so I’m pushing myself to get some exercise and it feels good.

I did almost 2 hours on the bike today, it’s the second time in 2 weeks. Today was much easier, last week was awful.

So, I’m grateful for the time and freedom to get some exercise for a couple of hours, and get back just in time to put my daughter to bed 🙂