going to wake up a little sore

I just got home after a visit to my RMT who really went to town on my back this evening. I often think that I’m going to wake up sore after my visits with him, but more often than not, I wake up feeling great. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I’m not going to ramble on today, it’s been a pretty good one and I’m ready for bed and hopefully a couple of days to catch up on work. So long as the covid test result arrives before we wake up, which it typically does.

Daily Overview

Work Journal: https://warrengroom.com/daily_journal/wordpress-acf-pro-flexible-content/

Personal achievements:

  • Nothing springs to mind. Other than entertaining the kids, my other tasks for today were delayed.

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • Finalise my new weekly planner
  • Share funeral plans with friends and family
  • Plan my new subsription website format and code logic